Social responsibility

At TRANSPRESS we built our corporate values focusing on loyalty and commitment, mutual trust and respect, constant striving for improvement and innovation, care for the environment. In our everyday work we follow them strictly and thus improve and grow as professionals.

With the experience gained over the years we are convinced that the path to corporate sustainability inevitably passes through social responsibility. And because we believe that good examples should be shared, we decided to tell you more about the causes we have supported throughout the years.

“T-shirt to your prom”

In 2014 we gave our contribution for the campaign of the Bulgarian Red Cross " T-shirt to the prom ." The initiative started in 2013 when a group of students decided to turn their back to vanity and wear a T-shirt to their prom . This good example was immediately followed by their fellow students and eventually an entire class appears at the celebration not with shiny dress or suit, but with a simple T-shirt. The money that was saved found a much more noble realization – gave chance to graduate orphans to continue their education. Although we have already passed the time of ballroom excitements, here at Transpress we supported the initiative and along with hundreds of other contributors have helped 19 young people deprived of parental care , to continue their education and get their chance to grow professionally in their chosen field.


In the past year here at Transpress we made over 300 children happy by delivering sweets in a total of 7 homes for disadvantaged children . Our couriers, delivered more than 400 boxes of wafers and biscuits for the kids which led to a lot of smiles and warm emotions.

"Let's clean Bulgaria for one day"

In 2013 we joined in the green initiative " Let's clean Bulgaria for one day." Armed with plastic bags and gloves, our small but motivated squad stormed the garbage at the foot of Vitosha mountain , leaving behind a clean sidewalks and refreshed lawns. And because we know that one day in a year is not enough to keep the environment clean here at Transpress we apply separate garbage collection and ensure each employee makes a personal contribution in this regard to the environment , because this is one of the priorities of our corporate values ​​.

“Kids are playing outside”

In 2008 and 2012 we sponsored the material and technical organization of the football tournament for children aged 5 to 7 by Football Club “The little lions” ( 2008) and Olympia Football Club ( 2012). The tournaments were held in the spirit of teamwork and sportsmanship and for a moment the children managed to feel like real soccer stars on their small improvised Camp Nou.

„On two wheels“

Although our vehicles have way more than two wheels, for the past five years TRANSPRESS is one of the main sponsors of Bicycle club “Zarata” – club that aims to popularize cycling and more precisely cycling in the mountain, among the nature. Often cyclers from the “Zarata” club participate in different competitions in Bulgaria and abroad and we share with enthusiasm each success. The last one is from Romania where among 4000 participants Nikolay Kostadinov from “Zarata” ranked 77th.

Mar 20, 2023
Mar 20, 2023