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TRANSPRESS covers a global network of transport services on the territory of entire Europe, North Africa and part of the Middle East. The company’s clients and partners appreciate the fast and flexible connections which are organized by our professionals at TRANSPRESS, the continuous expansion and renewal of the fleet and the integration of the company to DACHSER’s transport network.

Groupage shipments Еntargo

Entargo provides you with a single and transparent system for transportation of groupage shipments combined with guaranteed quality of the execution.

TRANSPRESS ensures that your shipments will become part of an intelligent system for consolidation and transport of shipments which serves hundreds of thousands of customers.

The European affiliate network of DACHSER and TRANSPRESS sets new standards of service in transport and logistics where the focus is on freedom of choice of each client.

The Entargo network was established more than 80 years, and today is constantly expanding and improving by accelerating commodity flows and increasing business efficiency in Europe in carrying groupage shipments.

The advantages guaranteed by TRANSPRESS in Entargo network:

Targospeed, Targofix and Targoflex are standardized product lines that cover different types of customer requirements for delivery of groupage shipments.


This product line is suitable for shipments that require the fastest possible transportation of parcels to the recipient by land.

Benefits: Precisely defined transit times - 1 to 4 work days across Europe.

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This product line is suitable for parcels where the focus is on the exact time of delivery or pick up of the shipment. If speed is not your priority then this is the best product line for you.

Benefits: The opportunity to optimize your production resources and stocks according to specific needs.


The product line is suitable for shipments where you can afford flexibility in the deadlines of delivery and remain the high service quality.

Benefits: high reliability at a better price.

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Entargo network coverage:

European network map.

Mar 20, 2023
Mar 20, 2023