Our modern fleet expands with 10 new trucks

Transpress with 10 new trucks

Last month Transpress bought 10 brand new trucks Volvo FH 13. The technical specifications of our new machines are impressive - 460 horsepower, I-See system for optimizing the usage of the fuel and reducing the amount of harmful emissions depending on the terrain, highest class of safety thanks to the collision and emergency stop system and the lane tracking system. The cabs are equipped with Dynafleet onboard and Dynafleet internet port integrated in the dashboard as well as a 7-inch informational color display for even better navigation. 

In addition the trucks have even more ecological and cleaner motors covering the Euro 6C standard. The big benefit of the Euro 6C over the Euro 6 is the even more reduced amount of solid particles that is released during engine operation.

Of course all of them are green and combined with the Schmitz Cargobull semi-trailers they become one of the most reliable mean of transport for your shipments.


Transpress with 10 new trucks           


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